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emo hair fair dessia_001


EMO-tions * Dessia*

rigged Hair – long , cute and sexy! Optional with Cap


emo hair fair lulu_002


EMO-tions * Lulu*

wonderful rigged mesh long curls , optional with beads as Mermaid


emo hair fair dessia_002


EMO-tions * Calania*

unrigged hairbase + rigged mesh add-on with optional flowers


emo hair fair_001

EMO-tins *Tragedy*

unrigged elegant SHORT Hair



This is the wonderful Hairfair Gift  from Mirja for you so run run run and get youre Style



emo hair fair Joiny_001


Jewellry I wear is
ZURI Rayna Jewellry
Comet Jewellry


Make all by
Alaskametro ❤