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Mai 2017

42 / 2017 ~ ** had a sad Day**


Mami created a NEW and Stunning Mini Dress
available for Marriage Parties
with two different Veils
or how you see on my Pic, Headband with Flowers!
the **-AZUL- Epie **
is a Exclusive Pre-Release @ On9 May 9-31 2017
comes as fitted Mesh Dresses
Flexible Skirts with Alpha Layers
only in Pearl @ on9


I combine the headband with hairs
by JUMO which calls Alessandra


40 / 2017 ~ Ghee in VD Magazine

Hello my friends,

it is lately but time to show you my NEW report in VD Magazine, pages 98- 101,
I am Stylist and Writer for this Magazine, so and what would be better to show
Spring Colors and Lovely Stylish Clothes.
For me the best is I Show you the New
Ghee SS17 Collection
right in this Magazine and NOW here some PICS!
all i wear is Ghee and you will find them all in MAINSTORE in a lot of different COlors…

runs to Mainstore and maybe wou will meet me there and i show you all the lovely things you can find there ❤

VD MAg illa Crumb 1_013_Antonio.jpg

VD MAg illa Crumb 1_012_Antonio.jpg


more of it here on Bea´s Side…. loooookkkkk


38 / 2017 ~ New AZUL Dress Chandani


-AZUL- Chandani
this is sequin version
-AZUL- Mika @On9  
I show you in my last AZUL Post

This is NOW in Mainstore available

‚► CONTENTS Fitted Mesh
Dresses Rigged Mesh
Dresses Fitted Mesh
Shorts Alpha

here are 8 of 17 [two limeted Version]

-Amethyst,- Aqua MP- Limited Edition,- Catseye and Gold

  • Ruby ,- Silver- Topaz

-AZUL- Website :

Marketplace :

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Plurk : Coming Soon

Hair is Tukinawaguma ~ Acosta and Boots :::NOIR::: Fleur

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