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Ghee „Sadie“ Thigh High Boots Jeans or Leather Edition

Sadie“ is a super sexy pair of thigh high, platform boots with hip-hugging jeans  ortight Leather pants included that command attention. Prepare to be noticed as you strut your stuff – drawing every eye to the long, lean silhouette created by the snug fit of the buttery soft suede of this exceptional pair of boots. (A „boots only“ option is also included.)
„Sadie“ can be casual or dressy – you decide! Every woman should have a pair of boots as stylish and versatile as these in her wardrobe.
The included texture-change HUD features 12 shades for the boots and 6 for the jeans, enabling you to exercise all of your beautiful options – making this a must-have addition to any wardrobe!
Sizes are included for mesh bodies only: Lara, Venus, Isis, Freya, Physique and Hourglass.


Ghee Sadie Thigh Boots Leather Pants Edition vendor.png