Sometimes i go back to my rules^^ and found some wonderful new Stuff to Post for you with The White Armory, Blue Moon Design and Zuri Rayna Jewellry.

I wear the Gown *Devine Regency* by Silvan Moon Designs

Silvan Moon Designs?

Silvan Moon Designs is a joining of two creators in Second Life
who share the same passion for beautiful Medieval and Fantasy clothing.

Solasnagealai of Blue Moon Enterprises, and Bee Dumpling of The White Armory.

Blue Moon Enterprise (BME) provides the original mesh work as well as the rigging.

The White Armory provides the texture work, promotional art and packaging.
so a lot of Hours for Work in all the perfect details will go before release.

so take a look and see the Creative work

PM1_015PM1_011in Combination with the NEW Set of Zuri Rayna Jewellry which are the Nahla Set .
(Scepter are available seperatly) aperfectly Match in my Eyes


~ Hair : Vanity *the Italian Job

~ Skin : by Eccences  Kendra