I am happy to present my first outfit for

Asteria Creations

thank you dor the invite Kathrine

This i s Willow… completly Mesh for

Slik Physique or Hourclass and also for Maitreya Mesh Bodys

all are seperatly wearable and comes in a few Colors


the next i will show you is the NEW Hair

by EMO-tions for the Cosmoplitan Event and Calls *Terry*

My Make Up is nothing Less as

Oceane Body Design Metallix ,

more Colors for Omega and more Items available in Mainstore and @ Swank June

any german Custumer Questions pls to me about Oceane Body Design

I will help you ❤

The Collar I wear

is the Panama Collar of Tracei which you will find in Mainstore and get in some

different Colors