on my new Trip to find new Stuff i go to the

Dressing Room

and yes i Found News !

really hard to find are nice and different Hairs

and i found BLUES

i walk in Mainstore and i add the Group! and Ladies

here are The Group Gift! Gorgeous


I really will show you more then once about this Hairs

in future bcs the Textures are soooooooooooo

perfect in my eyes!

ahhhh my eyes ^^ also a Goupgift by Oceane Body Design

take a look ❤


the Other Goup Gift today is the

Milla Dress ! 🙂

i don´t know why Byrne call this pretty gift Milla but this is so me


today is a very good day for me and i am happy to show you all this gifts

have fun to shop ❤