You have this One Life,

Hoiw do you wanna spend it?

Apollogizing? regetting?

Hating youreself? Dieting?

Runing after whoi don´t see you?

Be brave … believe in youreself

Do what feels good!

take risks

You have this one life

my you proud of youreself!


I am proud of myself …

here is  Electra

the newest Gown by AZUL

in Exclusiv Color Sapphire for

Solaris Fashion Event AW 15


i combine it with

the New Hair by

.:EMO-tions:. * Sabiene*

makes for the BOHO Fair which

started at the 19 th October ^^

also I combined the ZURI Jewellry

Elite Mist Set

Necklace and Earrings

hope you like it ❤

 Eye Make Up by

 Oceane Body Design 

*Extreme Shimmer Make up Silver White*


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