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September 2015

# 369 ~ Gatcha Time with Les Encantardes


i have a long with Competion in my Second ,- and real life…

so it was time to come back to where i am and wanna be…

I think a lot about my feelings and yes

i love Fashion

and i love Fantasy also

Clothes can be found here and there

and for NOW i

present the New Gatcha Item Of

*les Encantades*

made as

The Gathering  for Amarië Gacha


i wear it in the Common in Aqua

 love the Details of the Textures

it is 100 % Mesh in, how you can see, in a lot of beautiful Colors


MIrja a wonderful i can call Friend of mine

is the Owner and Creator of


She create this pretty Hair *Giselle*

for the Cosmopolitan Sales Room

and also the

*Noble* Face Mask i wear iscan you find at the Event

what is still running..

both a fitted perfectly my Fatasy Creation for this Post

Hope you all like it ❤

Poses i work with in this Shoot are

by agapee

Runway and Photo Poses



# 368 ~ Ghee Fall Collection Now at Mainstore

ghee3 in 1

I was pretty Late to blog this

New Dress Coat



you get Now in Mainstore and it is one of the

Creation for the Fall Collection 2015

you can see the


Artichoke, Orchid and Aubergine

I also wear the Deidre heels and the vert Clutch of Ghee all available in Mainstore

the Other Newness i wear

is the

.:EMO-tions:. *Giselle* Hair

made for the Cosmopolitan Sales Room


# 368 ~ Purple Moon for the Instruments the Event


today i show you all this Perfect

Mesh Jacket Etnia

makes for the

Instruments The Event September Round

by Poulet for Purple Moon

ah i love all this color

i show it with the Picture of Poulet and my favorite one by Myself 🙂


# 365 ~ DECHE for Rock youre Rack


Today is the Day i will show you all some

really cool Styling News

i show you the Dress of Deche

who is make for the

ROCK youre Rack Event 2015

all INFOs about this Event you can find on my link here


This Ribbons undone Dress are completly Mesh and in

gold silver and black to get at the Event

also a stunning Rose Dress you will find there

as a Event release ❤

the Heels i wear are also from Deche and calls Jamee

the colors all fit with the Ribbon Undone Dress ❤

So Rock youre Rack and get youre !!!

My Make Up are by  Oceane Body Design 

you really need to take a look in the Mainstore

# 364 ~ Ghee ~ the Instruments the Event


this Dress give me some Inspiration

and i really need it

sometimes more …

and i get it with it

thx Bea and Mary Owner of Ghee

~ this is the Damyanti Mesh Gown

which comes with this beautiful Jewellry

makes for the Instruments the Event

the Theme of this Round is

Road to Ethic

perfect gown for this <Round ❤


here you can see the beautiful Jewellry of the Dress

and the Hair is from Analog Dog

i love curly wurly^^


# 363 ~ Casuell Mix


huiiiiiiiiiiiii ,

my Issues don´t get over but i think now i fit all…thinking hopefully…

after a long talk with the CEO of Pink Cherry 

i am back again and blog her

New stuff

This is the Chanice Jumpsuit and i wear it in Khaki but there are

10 other colors available.

also you have the Option to wear are tie on it^^


also NEW are this Hair by


*Stephanie 2*

in all you colors you love and live

and this Jewellry

by Moondance Boutique calls Ailia

with a hud where you can change the Gems and metal Textures

The Eyeliner is by

Elegance Eyeshadow ~ Noir


~ AZUL ~ Finals … <3

AZUL kay

It is time to Post this

picture made by Secondlife Sister

Kiana Jarman

She made this Picture for me in the AZUL Káalogi Gown in Black

for a Presentation of my

Miss AZUL Competion…

I can´t believe…. this weekend we all will know who will be the next

Miss AZUL …

and a long uncredible time gets over…

i am proud of all Ladies in this competition and proud of mysellf a bit…

however who will be the next Miss AZUL

i will say thank you to a lot of People who are stand behind me and help in there own ways.

first of all for sure, Chloe the Director of AZUL she need to give

me sometimes wise answer of stupid questions :/

Mami Jewell for the beautiful Gowns we get and for the honor to be part of this Competition

My friend and Mentor Falballa for her open ear and kicking my ass if i need it and the help with my translation

Kiana for the amazing Pictures you have done for me  and Juve
you allways believe in me  ❤ love you both

Mermaid … i never had think i find a friend in such a big Competition … hugs

Oceane ~ by Oceane Body Design, Mirja ~ by EMO-tions and Malicia ~ of Silken Moon

Amada Mir  of Alegria for sponsoring me ❤

also all other Designers and the Judges

❤ thanks a lot ❤

also thanks to my Family and Friends … they all was very lovely to me….

my Man *Twister*

thank you for youre love and understanding ( sometimes 😉 )

SO for know i hope i don´t forget anyone … and it is not over on SUnday will be crowned the Miss AZUL

maybe you will be there and take a look of all the amazing Ladies…

*Miss AZUL FInals*

good luck to you all ❤

# 363 ~ AZUL – 1 of 62 Limeted Gowns



-AZUL- Mainstore renewal Anniersary bring us

Limited colors

for 62

of the Gowns we love

the one i Choose today is

 the Antonella- Gown

in  Sapphire


i combined this Gown with the

Oceane Make up was  made for me and the

Renewal Show calls *Milla 2*

Now you get 30 Copies of it in MAINSTORE

also i wear

some NEW

Earrings by Moondance Boutique

# 362 ~ Pink is the Choice


I show you all this

For me perfekt Combi by

Byrne and Astralia with

Oceane Body Design….

now here are the Details….


(BYRNE) Trinian Satchel, Skirt and Blazer in Pink

Astralia Gaga Telephone Hat


Oceane -Eyeliner Moon 3

 Moviestar Mesh Lashes

 Moon lipstick Pink

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