f-hs-350 antonio

a pleasure for me

to show you my next Blog for AZUL

this Gown is another Creation why i love

AZUL so much

F-FB350 antonio

Mami create this Gown

for the

*Miss SL Indonesia Mio Linette*

this Gown are available in 14 Colors

I wear it in Onyx

2 of it are limited edition instore or on Marketplace

Marketplace in Morganite


Turquise instore only 100 to buy

F-HB350 antonio

for fitting my Pictures i wear the

NSP [MUSE] Hibiscus Flower i show you seperatly last Post

and Jewellry by


Enchanted Diamond

in my Backround i show you the Alegria Dancing Stars Fireflies Lights in all 4 colours


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