another Beautfiul Gown made by

Purple Moon

in Combination with Madrid Solo Cosmetics and [MUSE]

and Moondance Jewellry

fits perfectly ❤


here i show you the

Purple Moon *Pallua* Gown in Turquiose

you get also the Gloves with Applier for Slink Hands


here i wear the

Madrid Solo Cosmetics

Full MakeUp

U-Color-It-Baroque Motif

you can change the Eyeshadow and Lips seperatly in this one which matches for you

This beautful Flower is made by

[MUSE] NSP Hibiscus Hair flower HUD – SOFT – Silver

this Flower you can gett in special different Colors all with hud to change

in 3 types a large one and two smaller ones with silver and gold leaf

it was made for

the Enchantment Event

my Hair i wear is EMO-tions *Lucia* ( it Fits everytime one of my Favorite ones 😉 )


my Jewellry today is from Moondance Boutique

and calls

the Elegant Aurora

incuded are Earrings, Rings, Bracelet and Necklace

with HUD you can change metal and Gems ❤