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Juli 2015

Miss Azul 2015 Portfolio No. 9

Today is the last day of Our

Portfolio Challange

for the Miss Azul 2015

what a Challange… so many Girls and all are fighting with her best to give for the Portfolio

many beautiful Picture are in


the Judges have a hard job to make her decisions

how I think


So on Runway you allways see as Final

the Wedding Gowns

and so like my Portfolio

I create a Gown about

4 different

AZUL Gowns as a Bridal Gowm

hope you all like it

how I does

here the Skirt details


Included in my Wedding Dress are


-AZULBridal Regina Chest Drapes and Skirt in Pearl

-AZUL- Calypso System Skirt Pant and Top in Pearl

-AZUL- Camille BackDrape L/ R in Champagne

-AZUL- Shino Sleeves and Train in Pearl



The Jewelry for my perfection of a wedding day are

[MUSE] Maiden of Tuatha

the Hair is

elikatira – Lilian

Make Up by Oceane


so last but not least i will say Thank you to my SL Sister Kiana Jarman

she makes this beautiful Pictures

thank you to

Chloe and my bothering

and of course Mami Jewell she makes

things happen

and all other of the Judges thank you for looking my Portfolio ❤


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# 340 ~ Purple Moon for The Instruments


A Midsummer Nights dream in Aqua ❤

this is really high Quality Mesh

of Purple Moon

which you can get at the

Instruments the Event of July



this Dream you get in 4 colors

Aqua, Earth, Pink and White

included are the Wings Corset and Crown


the Jewellry i wear is

the *Ariel* Black Diamond Set

made by Zuri

the Heels for SLink High Feet are

also made by

Purple Moon

and calls


they you can grab

in 3 packs via HUD

the Aqua is in the Pastel Pack

Miss AZUL 2015 Portfolio 8 ~ Ohana


Tomorrow is the last day

for the Miss AZUL 2015 Candidats to present her


i wanna show you the
Ohana Gown



This Gown was Made for

the Miss SL Vietnam 2015 Rehana Seljan


Gold Application on this Meshgown is the Special Highlight

a soft Drape and Skirt flows around you


I combine this beautiful Gown with ZURI new Release

*Mist Elite*  and i  pass the Colors of the Gems for this Dress

tthe Hair i wear is the New


.~Tableau Vivant~ Marea


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Miss AZUL Portfolio 7 ~ Lexi Project


Hello Lovelys,

Today i post my 7 th Portfolio with the

AZUL Abigail in special Color

for the LEXI Projekt

You ALL read it in Post, Facebook or other social Media

The Lexi Project is for

Lexi Zelin …Owner of AngelRED Couture. She was recently diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

you can read all about her here

the refund of this Event

will go to 100 % to her

so take a TP

and visit buy or donat for her ❤

Abigail in is the Special Colour you only can get of this Event


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# 338 ~ Sexy in Danielle



a Woman need to do what she need to do…

ok and i need to blog this Lingerie

which is a NEW Release by



the LIngerie comes in

5 different Colours

Black Pink and red


you can get Applier for

SLINK,  Omega, Belleza and Lola


PS: I wear the SLINK Physique Body and

the Scarf is NOT included 😉

sexy or not i love it^^

# 336 ~ Because I Rock


I really really love to style this

Blog post …

I get new Stuff by Bodza Owner of

*Whimsical Imaginarium*

and this is really a Style far away from my  other Stylings

and yes that is so me too

*this Dress calls *

~Because I rock~

and yes i think i do^^


The Caroliine Crocodile Booties are by HOS

and coms with a really big HUD who you can change a lot of Clolours with


here you can see again the

Fairyltail Lips Stick Peach with Silver

by Oceane

which is make for

The Instruments the Event

also you can see the Mesh Eyeliner from Oceane

this comes with HUD and you can Change Color and Gloss

my Hair I wear Today is




and this is her Gift of the Hairfair this Year

what a giftie… ❤

i really in Love with this Design and this Color too

one of the best hair gift i found there …

# 335 ~ Mix & Match


Today i have a lot of NEW Stuff for you all

i make a MIX and Match about
Oceane, !lyrical Bizzare Temlates and


here i show you the NEW

*NORA* Catsuit and *Hanna* Bolero

in Denim and used Denim

more fabrics available in Mainstore of


btw ty Sissi :*


My Accesoires are the following Items ❤

!Lyrical Bizarre Templates with this stunning Bag *Dajo*

and please don´t forget to look at this Nacklace myade by

.:EMO-tions:. for the my Attic Event
also my Hair Ashanti and the Earrings are by EMO-tions
and available in


so Lovelys and here you need to see my NEW Mesh Lashes made by


i Ask her to blog her lovely MakeUp for

The instruments Event

and get a really big Package

with a lot of

incredible Stuff….

stay tuned for more

here are the

*WitchBitch Lashes*

a MUST have ❤

thank you Oceane

oceane bitch lashes

# Miss AZUL Portfolio *6* Mixes


Hello Lovelys

today i create a diffenrent look
with some of the AZUL
which i have in my Inventory…

i play a bit and now i love it hope you enjoy it how much i do ❤

here is my 6 th Entry for my

Miss AZUL 2015 Portfolio


I wear the Following AZUL Items

-AZUL- Malika FlowerOrnament /HALLOWEEN2014 ( How you can See two times)
-AZUL- GroupGift2014Dec Mesh Dress
-AZUL- GG1010#1 Skirt2  attaches
and pant

To make my Dress fineshed i wear

 Jewellry by Purple Moon

Hair Flower by LODE

Hair by D!va

and Make Up by !SilkenMoon, Glamorize and Clef de Peau

my Heels for SLink HIgh Feet are by ::KC::


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Miss AZUL 2015 Portfolio 5 *Nayomi*


My 5th Entry for the Miss AZUL 2015 Portfolio

Challange are included

the New Release *Nayomi*

i wear this beautiful Gown
which is made for Nayomi Gartner the Miss SL Brazil

in Champagne

one of 14 incredible beautiful Colors


My Jewellry i wear is also a New
release made by
.:EMO-tions:. ~ *Eloise*
Cosmopolitan Event

Make up is a MIX and Match by 4 different Brands

The Hair is made by Exile


in the Background you see a work made by Lyrical Bizarre
thank you for Sponsoring me this awesome
Backround ❤

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