Yesterday we had the Life Auditions for the Miss Azul Contest 2015.
It was such a wonderful evening for us contest participants.
a lot of nice models gave her best to become around less than the first 6 of the March choice. We all had to create an outfit to reflects ourself.
all of us did an amazing Job. Don´t forget  the People behind us models.
I need to say Thank you to Chloe Electra Marketing Director of AZUL,
Mami Jewell Owner and Designer of AZUL.
The Judges Angelica Carling, Sora Tatham, and Serene Faith
Thank you also to Falballa you make a awesome Job.


A special thank you goes to my Famlily and Friends.
Marc my Male Model ^^
Kim my Mentor and good Friend,
Mirja thank you so much for youre Sponsorship in all my Ideas
Sweet and Hodi my SL Parants,
Nadja, thank you for beeing honest everytime.
Chloe … again… thank you that I can boring you … youre so kind … thank you!

and to my real life Man thank you for youre Love ❤

why this Creation?

Hello my Name is Milla Crumb !
My styling today is a mix&match out of two different gowns by the lovely Mami Jewel.
The colors I picked for today are reflecting my soul, my emotions and my all over Second Life .
Long time ago my nickname became „Raven“ in a role play game and there it started to become also a part of me.
The Feathers of my styling symbolize a similarity to that „Raven“. The sparkles between symbolize the life of a model for me; bright and glamorous like a unique star between all the other stars.
So here I stand in front of you, in a styling close to my heart to represent me as I am and the beauty of AZUL.

Thank you very much!


~ Credits ~

most of AZUL

-AZUL- Issy Mesh Dress

-AZUL- Anjelique Skirt and Sleeves

Hat: Zibska ~ Rui in Noir

Hair: ::EMO-tions:: ~ *Allegra*

Gloves: AE for Slink ~ Opera Gloves

Make Up are a Mix about more as 3 Designers

All About -AZUL-

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